Our Consultative Process

The client experience follows a results-oriented, four-step wealth planning process that ensures a disciplined approach to enhancing your wealth. 


Step 1 – Create your Complete Canaccord Client Profile

We believe that effective wealth management requires coordinated thinking across all aspects of your financial affairs, allowing you to gain strong control over your financial well-being.

We will guide you through a broad discussion focused on your values, responsibilities, interests, overall assets, financial needs and desired investment outcomes to create your Client Profile. This important document enables us to personalize all available strategies and services to your financial objectives.

Step 2 – Construct your Complete Canaccord Wealth Strategy

Achieving your goals is only possible with a customized strategy that guides you towards the right decisions. Using all the details in your Client Profile, we will work with you to construct a proactively managed and nimble wealth and estate planning strategy.

Your Wealth Strategy contains specific and measurable milestones to keep you on the right financial course towards your goals.

Step 3 – Implement your Complete Canaccord Wealth Strategy

Once we have come to a mutual agreement on your Wealth Strategy, it will be put into action. If needed, we will engage a network of wealth and estate planning specialists to implement specific financial planning strategies.

Step 4 – Regular Progress Meetings

Working together, we will establish the frequency of regular Progress Meetings to review your investment portfolio and your advancement towards your goals. These meetings allow you to discuss any updates to your Client Profile, or changes to your individual, professional or family circumstances.